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US Foto dot com is one of the best photo editing services that provides all of their customers with professional photo editing services. They are known for being able to handle a daily capacity of more than 3,000,000 prints, have fifteen locations throughout the world, able to deliver to 186 countries, have over 84,000 square feet of production space, and they even have over one hundred photo products of the finest quality. 

Editorial Rating

The editorial rating for US Foto is five stars. This is because they are a trusted photo editing service and they have a website that is very easy to navigate. Not to mention the fact that the price that they charge for their photo editing services is very affordable and reasonable. If you were to decide to do business with this photo editing service it is not very likely that they are going to leave you disappointed.

Customers’ Ranking has to be ranking in with customers at five stars as well even though there have been no reviews that have been left on their website by their current or prior customers. We conclude that customers are pleased with their services because they have discounts available and there is no review that has been left that points them out as being a fraud.

Other Reviews Found

No other reviews could be found on the web. This is kind of surprising, however, since this company has been in business for more than a few years.

Is  a Scam?

In conclusion we do not feel as though there is any scam taking place in this photo editing service. This is because they have no bad reviews and they even allow their customers to check out via PayPal which is always a good sign. So, if you are looking for a photo editing service is safe to make the cut to be listed on your potential photo editing services list.