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Shutterfly dot com is one of the sister sites of Tiny Prints dot com. So, as you probably have already guessed they are classified as being one of the best photo editing services that provides high quality and professional photo editing services. Not to mention the fact that they also have a variety of other products and services available for customers so Tiny Prints dot com could turn into your one stop shop for all of your photo needs. 

Editorial Rating

The editorial rating for Shutterfly is five stars. This is a reputable company with an easy to navigate website that is 100% legit. We do not feel as though there is any Shutterfly scam or Shutterfly fraud taking place within this photo editing service and we even highly recommend them.

Customers’ Ranking

Customers are ranking Shutterfly dot com in at five stars as well. You will see numerous Shutterfly dot com reviews posted throughout the web. One blogger even left a Shutterfly review that outlined her entire experience with them and the process that she went through was very easy.

Other Reviews Found

Reviews about Shutterfly can be found throughout the web and they can easily be accessed. All of the reviews that have been left for this photo editing service has been positive in nature and many of the people who left the reviews have been dealing with them since they originated and would never think of turning to anyone else for photo editing services as they feel as though Shutterfly is the absolute best photo editing service.

Is a Scam?

If you search the web it will become evident to you that Shutterfly is not a scam and that this photo editing service is 100% legit. No one has had anything negative to say about this company and they are one of the sister sites of other top photo editing services such as Tiny Prints. So, when looking for a photo editing service Shutterfly is one of the ones that should be listed near the top of your list as they are sure to exceed your expectations.