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My Publisher dot com is one of the professional photo editing services that some even refer to as being one of the best photo editing services. In addition to providing photo editing services they also have other services available as well such as photo books, cards and stationary, canvas prints, and photo calendars. If you spend more than $100 they even give you 25% off your order. Not to mention the fact that they seem to have some sort of My Publisher dot com discount or promotion available for new and existing customers.

Editorial Rating

The editorial rating for My Publisher is four stars. They are a great site, with reasonable prices and they have their website set up in an easy to navigate format. Furthermore, they have items available to help make your special photo moments even more memorable. You can even tell that they love interacting with their customers as they have themselves readily available on several social media networks.

Customers’ Ranking

Customers are ranking My Publisher dot com in at five stars according to their My Publisher dot com reviews. Apparently, the items that My Publisher dot com has available make perfect unique, personalized gifts and they are a big hit among the buyers and the recipients.  The reviews of My Publisher dot com that have been left by their customers have all been positive in nature.

Other Reviews Found

Other My Publisher dot com reviews that have been found have been positive in nature as well. One customers My Publisher dot com review revealed that she purchased a photo book from them for Christmas and the recipient cried when receiving it.

Is a Scam?

Overall, it is safe to say that there is no My Publisher scam or My Publisher fraud taking place within this photo editing service. They are 100% legit and can be trusted since there are so many people who have left heart felt reviews about just how good their photo editing service is.